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SARVAC and the WASARCON planning team have decided to cancel the 2021 SAR conference.

This decision was not made easily or without review and discussion.  The decision was made due to the extremely low number of people registered for the conference.

We feel this is due to a number of reasons.  The ones that seem to be highest on the feedback we have received are.  The increasing issues with the Delta variant.  School starting and people trying to have their children back in school.  The dates are close to opening of some hunting seasons.  I am sure there are many other issues people are facing in the “new normal”.

We also wanted to give everyone time to cancel hotels, change vacation plans, and change any other arrangements they may have been made.

Everyone who has paid for the conference will receive a refund.

We are moving forward planning for 2022.  We have booked classrooms and space for June 20, 2022 through June 26, 2022.  Those dates would be for pre-conference and conference.  Please mark your calendars.  We are trying to make WASARCON 2022 bigger and better.

We hope you will understand why this decision was made. Questions? Contact us.