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WASARCON – Updates

WASARCON Planning team has been notified by Central Washington University that the dates we had planned to do our conference on are no longer available. The university has decided they will not be allowing off campus organizations to use any of the university’s facilities. Their plan is to possible open the campus to “off campus organizations” in the fall. They have not given us a specific date.
Their decision was based on the uncertain future due to the COVID-19 protocols. I think we can all understand their reasoning based on the information that has been provided by the CDC, Washington State Governor’s Office, Washington State Department of Health, Emergency Management Division of the Military Department, and the Kittitas County Health Department.

This of course was not the news we had hoped for. The Planning Team is now re-grouping and looking at what alternatives may be available. We would like to share the alternatives we are considering:

  • Postpone – September or October.
  • Location Change
    • Cowlitz County Event Center.
  • Provide some training opportunities at multiple locations and on different dates.
  • Develop a virtual conference.
  • Postpone and plan for 2022.

All the alternatives contain significant issues and concerns that the planning team is reviewing and considering. We would like to ask for your assistance. If you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas, please e-mail us at .
Thank you for patience and understand.
W.O. (Bill) Gillespie
SARVAC President/Conference Director

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